Sherp XT Pro

Argo MSRP $135,000 to $145,000

Newest Model – Argo™ Sherp XT Pro

Bigger & Even More Capable

If you work in the extreme edges of the environment, the Sherp N can help you get there. The larger, more power, and more refined Sherp XT Pro adds more capacity and capability than the Sherp Pro. Investing in 3 Sherp XT Pro units is still less than one Sherp Ark and increases the flexibility and safety of having multiple vehicles in the fleet. The Sherp XT Pro is great for government agencies wanting a special asset for floods and SAR, oil and gas, or utility companies doing expensive work in remote areas.

72" tires with 24" clearance

30% larger cockpit

Digital controls

50% more volume

Doosan engine. -40 to +104 Fahrenheit

Seat up to 10 people with bench seats

Sherp N next to Sherp Pro

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To buy a Sherp XT Pro ATV in the USA call 813.699.9062

Sherp N Cabin View Top

Seating Capacity

6 people with seatbelts or 10 with bench seats


More Room

50% more interior volume

Sherp N Hill accent

30 Degree Climb

Powerful and reliable Doosan engine gets you where you want to go.


Refined Controls

Digital controls are easier to read and monitor more systems