Sherp mods

Up-Fitting & Accessories

From Basic to Badass

Customize your SHERP ATV to make it your own. After spending this much money, a few thousand more to get a winch or AC is worth it. Have your SHERP ATV delivered ready to go.

Sherp ATV Transport Trailer

SHERP Transport Trailer

  • Transport trailer
  • Drive onto the trailer, no pulling ramps
  • Air down the tires and rest the SHERP on the trailer
  • Special order only
  • Compatible with all models
Argo Sherp Pro XT Bench Seats up

Bench Seats

Fold-up bench seats for 3 or 6 passengers. Recommended for maximum flexibility and access to floor storage compartments.

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Sherp Pro XT Bucket Seats

Captain Chairs

N–1200 rear captain’s chairs: 2 or 4.

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Charis are attached to floor panels requiring removal to access storage underneath. 



Storage Boxes

Add seating and storage.

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Sherp ATV LED Light Bar

LED Light Bar

Light up the night and make your SHERP look cooler. Wired into rocker switch panel.

Call for pricing (4 sides, installed at the time of order)


Sherp-ATV-Rescue Stretcher

Stretcher and Rack

Keep patients flat and stable

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Sherp ATV Winch 2


Bumper mount and winch bracket with installation (front and rear), Anderson quick connector and cable installation for use on front or rear of unit, waterproof winch with remote.

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The lightweight aluminum body and steel bumper is matched to a max winch of 8,500 lbs. A SHERP does not need to be winched out, just friction applied to the treads until they grip and jump out.

Sherp ATV Winch Receiver

Winch Receivers & Bumpers

Front and rear mounts to enable winch to be used on front or rear of the SHERP ATV. (Standard in N–1200)

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Cargo Rack

Honestly, buy your own and mount it yourself

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Cargo Trailer, Pull Behind

 ***This unit is currently unavailable with no projected availability date.***

The SHERP trailer was developed by a team of design engineers to increase the usable capacity for the purpose of placing oversized cargo outside the body of an all-terrain vehicle, which in turn is very convenient for the driver and passengers. The construction of the trailer is made of high-strength steel and aluminum and can carry up to 1,200 lbs. This trailer easily overcomes any obstacles (water, soil, swamps, snow, etc.) after the vehicle. Very easy to use and fix to the cross-country vehicle with a tow bar.

Payload: 1,200lbs. Weight: 992 lbs (450 kg). Useful volume: 2330 liters (615.5 gallons). Dimensions: Overall length: 3551 mm. Overall width: 2518 mm. Overall height: 1923 mm. 

View specifications. 

Price: Call. Special order. 3-month delivery



Molly System

Hang gear anywhere with a Molly system.

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Studded Tires

Stud the tires at the factory for improved traction on snow and ice

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You can order the studs and do it yourself or have the studs professionally installed. If you DIY, create a template that aligns the studs correctly with the tread.


Sherp ATV Auxiliary Wheel Well Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary Wheel Fuel Tanks

Carry an extra ~17 gallons per wheel. Tanks are not integrated into main fuel tank. Manual transfer is required. The tanks also server to keep mud from building up in the giant rims. (Standard in N–1200)

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Sherp ATV Tire Inflation System

OEM Tires & Rims

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Sherp Pro Replacement Tire for Sale

SHERP Replacement Tires

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  • Weight: 200 lbs, 100kg ea
  • Payload: 2,000 lbs, 907 kg ea
  • Warranty: Limited 6 months against manufacturing defects (less than an OEM tire)



Bilge Pump (Pro)

Automatically remove water in lower engine compartment. Standard in SHERP N–1200

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Ladder, Removable

Ladder can be used in front or rear of Sherp Pro ATV. (Standard in N–1200)

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Sherp ATV Rear View Backup Camera

Backup Panel

Bigger and clearer backup camera for Pro. (Standard in N–1200)

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Cargo Sled

Drag the sled with extra equipment. Recommended for snow conditions.

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