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Sherp ATV Sales Process

New Sherp ATV Sales Process Overview


The Sherp ATV sales process is quite simple and straight forward. When you say you are ready to place an order an estimate will be provided. When you approve the estimate, a deposit of 30% is made via ACH. This puts your name on a unit in inventory or in route. The unit will then go through up-fitting and testing. Once it is ready to ship you will be notified and the balance is due. On receipt of payment, you will be put in contact with the shipping company to monitor the progress to your location. On delivery you will get a walk through of the unit. If you can drive a tractor, you can drive a Sherp. It is very easy if you take your time, read the manual and work into extreme off-roading.


To start you should budget no less than $165,000 for the average sale, plus shipping. This gives you an idea of the investment with the most common accessories. There is no in-house financing so you will have to work with a local lender. We suggest a company that finances heavy equipment or farm equipment.

New Sherp Sales Timeline and Steps

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Delivery Timeframe

The delivery time is dependent on when you place your order and how many other units have already been secured by others with a deposit. Typically delivery to your location is 3 to 6 weeks in the USA and Alaska. Delivery costs are extra and dependent on the destination. A delivery estimate will be included in a formal estimate when you are ready for that step.

Pre-Delivery Inspection and Upfitting

All Sherps purchased through SherpATVSales and from Sherp USA, go through a rigorous testing process. A professional driver (drives every unit), drives every unit through a course for up to two hours to find little things Argo ATV does not find because Argo does not field test drive units prior to shipping. Little things like clutch adjustments and parking brake tension are noted provided to the team. The Sherps are then upfitted to customer specifications and driven for another hour. During the final drive, upfitting is tested and any initial findings are retested. 

Test Drive

You can test drive a Sherp in Bemidji, MN by appointment only. Delta flies into Bemidji. You can learn more about test driving a Sherp ATV at one of the various test tracks here. The video below is from the test track in MN. 

Overall, the entire Sherp ATV sales process is simple and relatively quick for such a unique vehicle. New Sherp Pro XT units come with a ridiculously long warranty for a vehicle of this type. You can read more about the warranty on the Sherp ATV Pro XT web page. The good part about the Pro unit is the Kabota engine which can be serviced by the large Kubota dealer network outside of the warranty period. They may look at you strange when you pull up, but they will know the engine. Work on other parts of the Sherp ATV will require a local mechanic with the help of manuals and dealer support. The Sherp Pro XT has a Doosan engine and Doosan also has a dealer network for engine specific repairs outside of the warranty period. Understanding how the warranty works is critical to buying a Sherp and being satisfied with your investment long-term. 

Sherp on!

Pre-Owned Sherps for Sale

We will sell your pre-owned Sherp Pro or Sherp Pro XT unit for 5% commission on the final sales price. We will market your unit using our network as well a paid advertising to locate potential buyers. Once a good prospect is identified, you may be required to show the unit or facilitate a test drive. If the buyer is ready to purchase the Sherp, they will be introduced to the seller. The seller and buyer will then complete the payment, bill of sale and transfer or ownership. Once the payment has cleaned, the seller will issue a check for the commission within the identified time period.

There is no warranty on most units beyond guaranteeing they work on delivery, so keep that in mind. Payment in in full is due on order using a bank transfer or other method acceptable by the seller.

Sherp ATV Sales
Sherp ATV Sales Standard Features

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Standard Features

If you want to save money, you can special order a Sherp without AC but it will result in a notable delivery delay. Resale will be significantly harder without AC.