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Buying a SHERP ATV for your organization is an investment. You can watch all the videos online but until you strap in and run over some stuff, plunge into water, and feel the experience, you do not fully appreciate the versatility and safety of the SHERP ATV.

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Bemidji, MN

General Info
Directions to Sherp USA
Track Information

Track Info

  • 300 acres
  • Obstacle driving course
  • Forest, bog and swamp

Chiefland, FL

General Info
  • Sand and mud
  • Locked gate
  • No limit on people
  • Located outside Zephyrhills, FL.
  • View Google map
  • Co Road 336, Chiefland, FL
  • 110 miles from Tampa
  • 1 hour from Gainsville or Ocala
  • GPS Coordinates: 29.3439069732917, -82.82955586012447
Track Information

Track Info

  • 32 acres
  • Palmetto scrubs, field, sand
  • Private property
  • No group size limit – gated access