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Sherp Ark ATV – Is it a good deal?

There are no other vehicles in the USA or Canada that can compete with the Sherp Ark ATV. The Sherp Ark tractor is a unique machine and so is the rear powered unit. The rear unit is not a trailer, but a self powered machine that provides an additional 6 wheel drive to the 4 wheel drive on the tractor. The rear unit can be configured a number of different way from a flatbed, to the most requested passenger transport. With a total seating capacity of 22 in 3-point harnesses, the Sherp Ark is able to move a lot of people over rough terrain and water with relative safety. 

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Is the Sherp Ark ATV Reliabile?

Unfortunately, the Sherp Ark ATV has been plagued with maintenance issues. Wheel baring seals and other drive train issues has forced us to put a sales hold on the Sherp Ark until the issues are resolved. In a small industry such as the Sherp, reputation is everything. We want customers to have a great experience and enjoy Sherping from the they turn the key for the first time. 

This in no way reflects the reliability and performance of the Sherp Pro XT unit. Every XT Pro is tested after assembly by Argo and again at the dealership after upfitting is complete. The goal is as warranty free maintenance as mechanically possible. 

If you are interested in a Sherp Ark ATV, fill out a contact form and we will contact you when the quality and performance matches our high expectations. Hopefully, Sherp corporate in the Ukraine is focused on making the Sherp Ark ATV a world-class off road vehicle.

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