How Does The Sherp ATV Compare To The Marsh Master Buggy™?


If you are in the market for an amphibious off-road vehicle to operate in the harshest conditions, you have probably checked out the Sherp ATV and the Marsh Master™. These two platforms are very capable and each offers a lot of benefits depending on the application. This review is based on online observation of the Marsh Master and actual use of the ATV over several years. I will be commenting on the Marsh Buggy MM-2LX as it is the bigger model like the Sherp Pro XT is the bigger model. 

The first and biggest difference is the Sherp ATV is a wheeled vehicle and the Marsh Master is a track vehicle. The Sherp tires can be inflated and deflated on the go by redirecting the engine exhaust into a central tire inflation system. This varies flotation and traction on the Sherp. The tracks on the Marsh Master will provide considerably more traction with a much larger footprint. Conversely, the tracks will do a lot more damage than the Sherp tires when turning. 

Sherp Tires for Sale
Sherp Pro XT vs FatTruck

Sherp Pro XT

Marsh Master

Marsh Master

Key Differentiators – Sherp ATV vs Marsh Master™


  • Price
  • 3-point hitch
  • Air Conditioning
  • Implements 
  • Passengers
  • HP
  • Engine 
  • Transmission
  • Length
  • Width
  • Weight
  • Payload, water
  • Speed, land
  • Speed, water
  • Aux pump flow
  • Warranty

Sherp ATV

  • $150,000 [max]
  • No
  • Yes at listed price
  • No
  • 9
  • 55
  • Doosan
  • Hydrostatic
  • 157
  • 101
  • 5280
  • 2640
  • 25 mph
  • 4 mph
  • na
  • 2 yrs, 2000 hrs

Marsh Master

  • Unknown
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • 1 to 6
  • 74
  • Kohler
  • Hydrostatic
  • 190″
  • 96″
  • ~6,300 lbs
  • 1800 lbs
  • 1 mph
  • 8 mph
  • 30 gpm/3000 psi
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How Much Does A Sherp ATV Cost?

The Sherp N, now called the Sherp Pro XT, is the replacement for the Sherp Pro. There are still a few used Sherp Pros available for under $100,000 so contact us if interested. Big toys, for big boys come with what many say is a big price tag. However, when considering the utility, operating cost and reliability of the Sherp ATV to that of platforms like the Marsh Master, the price is very reasonable for corporations. Utility companies, law enforcement, vegetation maintenance, and farming applications make the Sherp Pro XT one of the most affordable platforms per hour to own and operate.

The price of a Sherp ATV (Pro XT) model starts at $137,000. If you add AC, winch and rear seats you can expect to pay about $150,000.


How much does a Marsh Master™ cost?

The Marsh Master has a wide variety of options available. The PTO shaft make it compatible with several different implements which can be used to generate revenue. The prices are estimated to range from $50,000 to $200,000 depending on the options selected. 


Ordering a Sherp ATV

A $30,000 deposit it required to reserve a Sherp unit. Delivery time varies depending on inventory and up-fitting. You can anticipate 3 to 6 weeks under normal situations. The balance is due in full prior to shipment. Payment can be made by check (must clear before delivery) or ACH. Contact us to order your Sherp and discuss the options you want to trick it out. 

Marsh Master Brush Cutting
Marsh Master with ATV Sled
Sherp Pro XT Snow Hill

So Which Is Better?

I am not going to just give you the typical “It depends” answer. Below are real-world applications that separate the two. There will be some overlap but for the most part, the use case goes more to one than the other. If I need a platform to perform mechanical functions (excavate, spray, plow, bore, clear, mow) to generate income, I would pick the Marsh Master. The flexibility of the implements makes it very versatile. If you need to move people or supplies quickly and safely (especially on frozen lakes or in very cold or hot conditions), I would select the Sherp Pro

Sherp Pro XT

  • Anytime speed is important
  • When transitioning between land, water, swamp
  • When working on frozen or partially frozen lakes
  • Passenger and crew comfort is important – Search and Rescue, tourism, extreme heat or cold, mosquitos, flies
  • Remaining on station for extended periods due to high fuel economy and auxiliary fuel tanks in wheels – Search and rescue, remote operations
  • Moving a larger number of people safety and comfortably
  • High reliability – tires are more mechanically reliable than tracks
  • Lower environmental impact – Tires cause less damage turning
  • Lighter trailer capacity is needed



Marsh Master MM-2LX

  • Productivity with implements is needed – brush cutting, pond vegetation control, boring, pumping, excavating, spraying, ditch digging, etc.
  • When passenger comfort is secondary to productivity
  • When operating in flat, not frozen, water
  • Maximum traction is needed
  • Budget is available to get custom configuration to meet needs
  • Track maintenance or reliability is less of a concern
  • Auxiliary fuel tank is more important that cargo capacity
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Requires cellular network with data service. Always call 911 first. 

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