Keeping Cool In Your Sherp ATV


Taking your Sherp ATV out is a great time except when the sun is beating down on you and the greenhouse effect is making the inside temperature about 140 degrees. Opening the windows provides a nice breeze and cools things down but it is still warm. Throw in high humidity and the temperature inside can get dangerous. 

When conducting search and rescue operations, excessive heat can be deadly. Victims already in a state of stress from injury or trauma could die or decline simply due to the heat. Dehydration is also a major concern for rescue personnel that may be conducting a strenuous operation. Arriving healthy and in “good condition” means a more effective rescue.

Sherp ATV Air Conditioning Left2

Adding Air Conditioning

The solution to the heat is the addition of air conditioning. Although not an inexpensive upgrade, it is a solution that makes sense for recreation or search and rescue. The AC unit is integrated on assembly so it ensures a reliable installation and years of service. The standard AC unit is designed for the Sherp ATV Pro only. An aftermarket option is available for the Sherp ATV Pickup model. 

The air conditioning unit has a fairly small footprint behind the driver. With 4 nozzles, cool air can be directed in all directions or focused on the occupants. In the heat of Louisiana, Mississippi or Florida the AC can be a life saver and make enjoying off-roading in the Sherp a lot more enjoyable. 

Sherp ATV Air Conditioning Right2
Sherp ATV Air Conditioning Left
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