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The Sherp ATV is the most capable and reliable off-road vehicle available today in the United States. After 10 years of design and five years of availability in the US, the Sherp ATV has evolved from the original “farm truck” like unit to a more capable and reliable platform. With customer feedback the Sherp Pro XT was created to replace the Sherp Pro which no longer met new emissions standards in the USA. The Sherp Pro XT was created at the next generation Sherp to meet expanding needs for more space, maintenance data and capabilities. 

Sherp Pro XT Control Panel

The Sherp operators manual shows details on every aspect of the Sherp from the turn signals (yes than can be driven on some roads for short distances as a farm vehicle with the proper upfitting) to  the bilge pump. The new digital gauges on the LCD display provies real-time vehicle information to keep the Sherp running smoothly and safely. 

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