Sherp N

MSRP $125,000

The Sherp N Is The Newest Model

Bigger & Even More Capable

If you work in the extreme edges of the environment, the Sherp N can help you get there. The larger, more power, and more refinded Sherp N adds more capacity and capability than the Sherp Pro. Investing in 3 Sherp N units is still less than one Sherp Ark and increases the flexibility and safety of having multiple vehicles in the fleet. The Sherp N is great for government agencies wanting a special asset for floods and SAR, oil and gas, or utility companies doing expensive work in remote areas. 

72" tires with 24" clearance

30% larger cockpit

Digital controls

50% more volume

Doosan engine. -40 to +104 Fahrenheit

Seat up to 10 people with bench seats

Sherp N next to Sherp Pro

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Sherp N Cabin View Top

Seating Capacity

6 people with seatbelts or 10 with bench seats


More Room

50% more interior volume

Sherp N Hill accent

30 Degree Climb

Powerful and reliable Doosan engine gets you where you want to go.


Refined Controls

Digital controls are easier to read and monitor more systems